Minnesota Wetland Conference

In January, Flat Rock Geographics participated in the 6th Annual Minnesota Wetland Conference held at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

Our staff member, Justin Hawley March (GIS Specialist), gave a presentation with Tim Kelly, Administrator of the Coon Creek Watershed District, which focused on using geoprocessing techniques that incorporate readily available data to assess characteristics of a wetland or watershed.  The study area for this presentation is the Coon Creek basin located in Anoka County, Minnesota.

The model generates information on groundwater recharge, storm water storage, wildlife abundance and other environmental parameters.  Once preliminary analyses are complete, the results can be easily combined to determine the total functional capacity of the study area.

The approach incorporates the benefits of scalability, portability and modularity to accomplish the watershed assessment.

Their PowerPoint presentation can be found here.