App Development

Often times you want an application that does something “just for you”. We get that.  And while we certainly prefer certain tools over others we will never promote “partner solutions” at the expense your needs.

All our software is designed with you in mind. From our SaaS products to our custom applications, our number one goal is to make them functional, yet simple so that anyone, regardless of technical skill can be up and running with minimal effort.

It should look as good as it works!

Too many maps try doing too many things for too many people.  As geospatial professionals, we are trained to apply sound cartographic principles to make your applications functional while also conveying information by simply looking at the map itself.  Great tools CartoDB and MapBox are making it possible to create great maps beyond the generic “street” map we have all become accustomed to.

Hybrid Approach – Integration of open and close source

Flat Rock Geographic’s promotes the use of open data standards and open source software. Many of the applications we develop are built on “best-of-breed” open source platforms like GeoServer, MapServer, GeoMoose and OpenLayers.