Mapping and Measuring Minnesota’s Water Quality

RMB Environmental Laboratories (RMB) in Detroit Lakes, MN, works with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) to provide free water quality reports on many lakes throughout the state. Along with a laboratory analysis of each lake’s amount of phosphorus and chlorophyll-a, other observations such as water clarity, water levels, rainfall amounts and recreational suitability are also documented.

Flat Rock will be at Location Intelligence conference in Chicago

Enterprise Strategies for Location Intelligence Chicago, March 30-31 North America’s first location intelligence conference will address the needs of and challenges faced by companies selling to enterprise. Visit the Flat Rock Geographics booth and learn more about GeoCruncher and how it can help your business become more geographically intelligent.

Unearthing Local History: Archeological dig in Spring Lake Park

Flat Rock Geographics, LLC was involved in a Science Museum of Minnesota archeology dig last summer. The archeological excavation is taking place in Dakota County’s Spring Lake Park Reserve as part of a six-month research project. When finished in September, scientists expect to have a better understanding of the Mississippi River’s importance to the people…