MN Solar Suitability Application

Minnesota Statewide Solar Suitability application for consumers

Flat Rock Geographics is working with University of Minnesota and CERTs to update and improve the current Solar Suitability application.  This application allows consumers and solar installers to see how suitable their home might be for solar technology.  The Minnesota Department of Commerce is funding this project to leverage the statewide solar suitability dataset created at statewide solar suitability dataset created by a group of talented Master of GIS Students.

The goal is to make the information readily available on a user friendly application for consumers even when using mobile devices.  A responsive design will be implemented to give the user the same experience no matter what type of device they are on.

Other enhancements include displaying monthly solar values, showing number of non-sun hours, graphing, reporting and even payback calculations.

Please see the application HERE and the Minnesota State Fair in the EcoExperience Building .