Introducing mapFeeder 2.0

Turning Important Data Into Interactive Web-Based Maps


Manage, organize, and track information with interactive maps and forms

mapFeeder is a location-based, task-tracking, and data management studio served to you through an internet web browser. There is nothing to install! Simple maps, powerful user driven searching capabilities, historic data tracking and reporting make mapFeeder ideal for managing your location based information. 

Software for managing critical information should not be difficult!

mapFeeder emerged from the frustration our customers felt using existing off-the-shelf software to perform their jobs efficiently. mapFeeder lets you do your job and move forward with your important daily tasks.  The interface does not change and the look is consistent no matter what data you are tracking. Once you have used one module, you can use any of them.

mapFeeder is modular, meaning you only pay for what you use

mapFeeder is a platform which means we can spin up your module without starting from scratch. mapFeeder has modules pertaining to water quality, permitting, public works, planning, parks & rec and tree management and of course the ability to customize modules for you.  You can mix and match the modules that fit your needs.

Our current mapFeeder products